Whilst trying to solve an nginx module build issue for the new Apple ARM silicon I noticed that the Perl-compatible Regular Expression library (PCRE) mirror was no longer working. My build-nginx script was timing out trying to connect to http://ftp.pcre.org/pub/pcre

The PCRE readme.txt has a naggy section about how old PCRE1 is and that it’s no longer maintained and that you should use an unofficial sourceforge (yuck) mirror, but really, you should definitely start using the PCRE2 library. That’s all well and good, unless you’re trying to use a project that has PCRE1 as a dependency.

Instead of using an unofficial sourceforge mirror, I’d urge you to use the exim mirror of pcre instead. It’s got the last PCRE1 8.45 release. Exim is also written by Philip Hazel, the author of PCRE, so it’s about as official as you could get.