Posts tagged with "brighton hove school primary montessori state-funded education" - Jay Caines-Gooby 2009-11-26T00:15:54+00:00 Jay Caines-Gooby A new, state-funded Montessori primary school for Brighton and Hove 2009-11-26T00:15:54+00:00 2009-11-26T00:17:02+00:00 <p><a href="">Thing 1</a> goes to the <a href="">Brighton &amp; Hove Montessori School</a>, courtesy of the government&#8217;s <a href="" title="EYSF">Early Years Funding Scheme</a> which we top up so she can attend for four mornings week and one full day.</p> <p>We love the <a href="">self-directed, independent, mixed age-group</a> learning environment it provides, but once she&#8217;s five, we&#8217;ll have to dig deep to fund her education.</p> <p>A group of Brighton &amp; Hove Montessori parents are campaigning for a state-funded Montessori primary school to be opened in the city. This builds on the precedent of five other state-finded primaries that have opened in the UK.</p> <p>At the moment, I&#8217;m only peripherally involved, but I did make this poster. The last time I did any print-work was using a pre-historic version of QuarkXPress, so this was an interesting challenge.</p> <p><a href="/media/Montessori Schools Foundation poster.pdf"><img style="width:570px" src="/media/Montessori Schools Foundation poster.jpg" title="Poster to support a new state-finded Montessori school in Brighton & Hove"/></a></p> <p>If you&#8217;ve got a child aged 3-11 and you&#8217;re concerned about or dissatisfied with the increasingly restricted range of schooling choices for your child in Brighton &amp; Hove, then we&#8217;d <a href="">welcome</a> <a href="">your</a> <a href="">support</a></p>