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Thing 1 goes to the Brighton & Hove Montessori School, courtesy of the government’s Early Years Funding Scheme which we top up so she can attend for four mornings week and one full day.

We love the self-directed, independent, mixed age-group learning environment it provides, but once she’s five, we’ll have to dig deep to fund her education.

A group of Brighton & Hove Montessori parents are campaigning for a state-funded Montessori primary school to be opened in the city. This builds on the precedent of five other state-finded primaries that have opened in the UK.

At the moment, I’m only peripherally involved, but I did make this poster. The last time I did any print-work was using a pre-historic version of QuarkXPress, so this was an interesting challenge.

If you’ve got a child aged 3-11 and you’re concerned about or dissatisfied with the increasingly restricted range of schooling choices for your child in Brighton & Hove, then we’d welcome your support


Been following some progress via @emm

I hope it is successful and if it is I’d like to think it can be replicated for other montessori or similar schools (e.g. Lewes New School, Dharma school). It is very painful at the moment having to pay for school fees :(

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Thursday November 26, 2009 @ 09:40 AM (GMT)
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